INGA provides source data, which means you are not relying on someone else’s subjective judgment to form your own conclusions on an indicator.

Only the most recent published data from, such as various United Nations agencies, World Bank, International Labour Organisation and the OECD. The source of each indicator is provided.

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Respect for people

INGA has been developed by Community Insights Group (CIG). We are a social impact management consultancy that helps organisations strive towards making a positive impact on people and their living environment and the generations to follow.

We are an interdisciplinary, intercultural, international team experienced in environmental, social and human rights impact assessments and due diligence. Respect for people is at the centre of how we approach our work.

INGA was born out of understanding what information is needed at the early stages of project development or investment decisions on potential social and human rights impacts and risks and how to avoid these.

In addition to INGA, CIG is also the home of SIAhub, a web-based portal for social impact assessment practitioner members.

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We are constantly scanning for new indicators and ways of working that support INGA’s mission. We welcome your feedback.

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